Seraya Tengah , Bali  Our little piece of the island

Relocate to Bali with us and we will smooth the path for you. Uprooting your life and moving around the block or across the globe is somewhat of an ordeal. As exciting as that can be, it is kind of scary. Especially, when you are looking at a different country, culture, and all that comes with that. The courageous people who have the hutzpah to do something like that are a unique bunch. Obviously, it is not for everyone. However, the world has changed in so many ways in the last decade. New impetuses have arisen to inspire those who may not ever have considered relocation to rethink that option. Economics, changing weather patterns, and politics just scratch the surface. We have been there and done that for 12 years now and learned the ropes to make your transition an easy one.


If you want to escape the high cost of living and health care in the US. Make your money go further. Live a lifestyle you never imagined you could afford. You can relocate to Bali with us and find all this and more. You can have ocean-view living, a personal assistant, and meals prepared by a professional chef just for starters. Not to mention a driver to take you shopping or sightseeing so you can enjoy the scenery and not worry about traffic or getting lost. If you aren’t ready to just kick back and do whatever your mood dictates you can easily make money online.

Whether you are over 55 or a digital nomad we can help you get set up in business here. Once you have a business license you can make all the money you want and pay 1% of gross sales. No complicated tax codes or forms to fill out just 1% and Indonesia is happy. Of course, if you are American you will still have to pay US taxes, BUT the first $108700 is exempt from US taxes. That could mean $107613 extra in your pocket less whatever overhead you incurred. A monetary reason to relocate to Bali.


Bali is an amazing little island with every kind of summer climate you could ask for. Of course, it is tropical at 8° south of the equator but offers elevations from 10,000 feet to sea level which brings along different climate zone with it. There are places in the mountains that tend to be rainier and cooler and then there are the beaches which are obviously beachy some hotter than others. Personally, I couldn’t imagine moving to a tropical island and not being near the water. If you like sunny and not too hot, we feel we have the best weather Bali has to offer. Our little piece of Bali overlooks the Lombok Strait and is more often than not cooled by sea breezes. Temperatures range from 26°C to 30°C, that is 78°F to 86°F, with a pretty consistent 28°C or 82°F inside without any AC. Living here for over a year we have yet to use the AC or need more than a fan. So much to do and see just in our little corner of Bali.


Indonesia is the third-largest democracy in the world. The largest Muslim country and no the country does not operate on Sharia Law. Bali on the other hand is 90+% Hindu. Known worldwide as one of the most welcoming and hospitable places on the planet. No bigotry or phobias here to speak of. Foreigners are treated with respect and courtesy. The culture is one of acceptance and grace. Highly religious people that have an open and sharing culture. Anyone is welcome to their frequent ceremonies and their fabulous temples. Bali is considered very safe. Crime is almost nonexistent. Locals are more likely to help you than harm you. All perfect reasons to relocate to Bali.


For starters, we’ve been through everything you would face and learned all the in and outs. We’ve cultivated the necessary contacts and know how to navigate the shortcuts. We provide you with a ton of information before you even arrive and help you along the way at every turn.

After directing you about how to get the process going we will have you met at our world-class airport with the VIP service. They will get you through immigration and customs and deliver you to our driver who will meet you with cold drinks and bring you to us. After that, you will meet your personal assistant who can help you navigate everything Indonesian. Like culture, language, sightseeing, transportation, cell phone sims, etc., etc. We will be right behind them as everyone’s learning curve develops. We want to make your life as wonderful as ours and share our love for Bali with you.

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