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Bob & Lydia

The Award-Winning Hospitality Team


Has worked as a Financial Analyst, Senior Accountant, and Consultant. Bob has spent the majority of his life self-employed and in service of his clients. He created a niche credit card processing company between merchants and banks to give small businesses a better credit card rate. After he sold that he bought apartment complexes and operated a total of 66 units. His goal was to retire somewhere tropical and Bali fit the bill after extensive research. Then he was fortunate enough to team up with Lydia to make an award-winning hospitality team

LYDS/ aka Lydia

LYDS is a professional chef having worked for an Asian cruise ship line and a major 5-Star hotel in Singapore. Then she moved to Bali and started her own catering and event company and ended up partnering with Bob on a B&B.


Together Bob and Lyds created Aahh Bali and went to work to make a better B&B. The criteria was to offer a place that provides service and hospitality. Like they always wanted to have when they traveled. Where travelers are made to feel at home like old friends. Provided with lots of information about local surroundings, dos, and don’ts of the area. As well as non-touristy things to do and see as well as the usual hot spots. Information is key when traveling or relocating and they feel you can never have too much. They start by providing a list of Bali Tips. Now they will shift their focus to providing seniors with a whole new retirement experience. The goal is to match and exceed their success in their B&B.  Ranked the number one B&B in Jimbaran by TripAdvisor since 2013 and as of April 2024 we’re still ranked #1 out of 176 B&Bs. See what we have for you now!

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