Aahh Bali Senior Residence where your retirement dollars go WAY farther than you'd imagine

Architectural Rendering Aahh Bali Senior Residence


Imagine waking up to this in the morning. Escape retirement's high cost while living in an always summer paradise. Aahh Bali Senior Residence. Retire in Bali for less


Escape the high cost of retirement and turn retirement into your
dream vacation. Retire to Bali for less. Aahh Bali is shifting its focus from the tourism industry to Senior Living. Seeking those Seniors who want to retire to an island paradise known for its warm friendly welcoming people while making their retirement dollars go WAY farther than they ever imagined possible. Still, want to generate income? Open an online business. As long as you are selling your goods or services outside Indonesia you pay 0 tax on sales revenue. You may not sell to Indonesians. As a US citizens you get the first $108700 tax exempt from any US tax liability. Digital nomads welcome.

We want to take our *expertise in hospitality and property management and create a whole new retirement experience. 

*(At the top of the page are current ranking notices from TripAdvisor and in the middle of this linked page is a green bar link to 300+ reviews scroll down to review totals




    1. Every room comes with a personal assistant for that room only, and our personal assistants are certified nurses.

    2. Rooms are cleaned daily, sheets are changed weekly or as needed.  Say goodbye to housekeeping because it is all included, even laundry.
    3. The Personal Assistant can advise, arrange and assist with daily planning. For instance, outings, transportation*, tours, spa treatments, exercise classes, or Indonesian language classes. In addition, medication procurement, and management as well as guide you through all things Indonesian and more. Imagine what this would cost in the US. You can retire to Bali for less

    4. Personal care should you require assistance

    5. A one-hour massage every day in your room or at our spa

    6. Personal Assistants are on-site or with you all day with backup staff for days off and after normal shift hours. You choose how much or how little, but each room has a 1-to-1 assistant. 




    1. Best case scenario, moving or relocating can be traumatic, much less to another country. But if you have ever moved to a new town or neighborhood where you already had a friend, it made the transition much easier. Someone there to introduce you around and acquaint you with all the ins and outs of the new area. This is what we do for you, so that you can retire to Bali and be assured your transition will be in good hands.

    2. The Indonesian government is actively recruiting foreign seniors to retire in Bali. Anyone over 55 can apply for a retirement visa and this is much easier than ever before. But it isn’t just what you know in Indonesia it is just as important who you know.

  2. 3. In Indonesia, you can spend days sitting in government offices trying to navigate the paperwork, returning time after time, just like in the US immigration system. But in Indonesia, you can hire an agent to do 95% of the work and it will take a few hours a year instead.
  1. 4. The first step is to apply online for a Senior visiting visa that is good for 60 days. We will provide the link and walk you through the forms if you have any questions via skype or zoom. Gather the required document for our agent.
  3. 5. Our Agent will organize it for you so you can get it submitted

  4. 6.  Once in Bali, you’ll have 60 days to apply for your retirement visa. Our agent will provide lower-than-market rates for these services. These are called KITAS and are good for one year at a time. After 5 of these, you are eligible to apply for a KITAP which is a 5-year visa and after 2 of those, you can apply for permanent residency and be done with immigration.

  5. 7. Our agent will make this as painless as possible, taking a few hours a year vs days and days sitting in government offices dealing with it yourself.

  1. Going through our agent your requirements will be:



    • A valid passport : (there is a US Consular office here in Bali for renewals) but coming in, it has to be valid for more than eighteen more months. You must employ someone (which will be covered by your personal assistant),

    • You must have a sponsor (who will be our agent).

    • Proof of Insurance, Life or Health, either will suffice, just an insurance card will do

    • Show you have a monthly income. That’s it. The official list of requirements is dramatically longer, but our agent cuts through the red tape for you

    • Proof of vaccination will be required upon entry, but it is not part of the visa process.


1. Three meals a day are included (no buffets here)

2. Every meal is individually prepared by our 5-star chef. Every week our Chef will meet with our residents one by one and develop a dinner food plan for the following week’s meals. Taking into account food preferences and dietary needs.

3. All our food is fresh and locally sourced.

4. Produce is all farmed locally without pesticides.

5. Fish is caught fresh daily, except for non-indigenous fish like salmon which is brought in frozen and bought at a premium.

6. Chicken, pork, and beef are readily available

7. Fruit like bananas, watermelon, pineapple, oranges, papaya, mangos, apples, and melons are all available year-round and avocados have about a 9-10 month season. Most vegetables are not seasonal either.

8. There are things that are harder to get or unavailable to us. Like, cherries, strawberries, seedless grapes, or things that require a cold season. These can be acquired at an additional cost.

9. Our chef is a highly skilled chef in all cuisines from European, Italian, Mexican, Asian, Indian, American, and even Sushi.

10. Our breakfast menu is quite extensive and lunches are typically soup, salad or sandwich based.

11. Many of our foods are homemade like bread, cakes, pasta, cookies, muffins, cheese, butter, yogurt, and even ice cream. Some of these are even vegan.

See our breakfast menu here and examples of other dishes here. We will NOT mark up any special food items you may desire beyond our cost.


    1. Every room has its own router to ensure the best quality internet connection.
    2. Connections are streaming quality
    3. Each room will have a 43″ flat screen smart TV with a camera for Skype or Zoom
    4. We have a network connection that offers a Netflix-style collection of TV and Movies
    5.  A huge e-book and music library are on our network
    6. Updated every day with the latest programs
    7. If there is something we don’t have that you want, we will do our best to get it for you for free!
    8. The internet connection is unlimited. As a result, no worries about running over.
    9. Imagine what this would cost in the US, all included here. Retire to Bali for less.


    1. DAY SPA. Provided with your room you get one hour per day full body massage performed by your personal assistant. You can vary that with just a foot or back massage whatever you wish. For example, other Spa options include things like hot stone massage, hair, and nail treatments that are available for a fee, but for MUCH less than you are used to. 1 hour Hot Stone massage is $12.

    2. POOL: A 16 x 39-foot infinity pool 3-8 feet deep awaits you. Your personal assistant can offer you pool exercise classes here.


    4. BUSINESS CENTER is available should you require business-related things that you can’t accomplish from your room. Copies or faxes are available in our business center. You can also request music, books, movies, and TV programs you may want to have added to our network. We will do our best to find and secure those things for you.

    5. RESTAURANT We will have a dining area with a spectacular view for residents inside and out. We will not be open to the general public. Subsequently with quality meals included you can retire to Bali for less.


Medical care is one of the first things on the minds of all Seniors seeking a place to live. Let me be clear. We are not a medical facility and our fees do not cover any medical procedures or treatments. Our free daily massage is just one of the ways we seek to pamper our residences.

I have prepared a brief list of pros and cons just to give you a feel for what you can expect. Just for a factual comparison, Indonesia has about 283 million people with a growing population. The United States has around 330 million. That is to say, we are talking about a pretty similar population base. However, Indonesia does have Universal Health Care once you qualify.


We will have a broad range of activities to choose from based on demand and interest. Here is just a sample.

    1. Yoga classes

    2. Pool Exercise classes

    3. Basketweaving taught by local artisans

    4. Woodcarving taught by local artisans

    5. Indonesian cultural dance

    6. Volunteer to teach English at a local school


Aahh Bali Senior Residence will provide a vehicle at no charge for residents’ use by reservation. Residents will be responsible for gas and the driver. Diesel here is $1.76 and regular gas is $2.68. Driver cost is $3.00 an hour. Expenses can be shared with group outings.


The above architectural drawings are a reasonable facsimile of the rooms and their furnishings. Color schemes and furniture styles may vary. Rooms are furnished with custom-made furniture.

Of course, linens and toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste are provided or residents can use their own brands. Toilets are senior-friendly toilets being 17″ from floor to rim. Some rooms will have double sinks and tubs (like the drawings) others will have single sinks and showers with built-in seats. Our loft rooms will run about $150 extra per month.


SPECIAL PROMO: To expedite construction we have decided to offer 1 loft unit for sale for $125,000 USD. Buying in would bring the monthly cost of living down to $600 a month, which would include the personal assistant, meals, amenities and everything else listed with the monthly rental. Monthly rentals would be $3000 for an individual and $3500 for a couple on a first come-first-serve basis. Reserve now, our target date for long-term residents has been pushed back to March 1, 2023. See here how it works. Retire to Bali for less.



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Welcome To Aahh Bali

Aahh Bali

Aahh Bali Senior Residence
Retire to Bali in style for less

A Note to All my Past and Future Guests:

Aahh Bali is not just a name, it is more of a feeling and a concept than a name. It was not chosen to start with two A’s. That was really never a consideration. I have been coming to Bali since 2000. It was very different then, yet still the amazing island it is today. Every time I would land here I would step off the plane and say Aaaahhhh Bali. It was always such a joy to arrive and always hard to leave. Thus I fell in love with the island, the people and the overall aura that is Bali. While seeking a place to retire my criteria was, it had to be tropical, somewhere I would never be cold. I wanted somewhere safe and inexpensive to live. Being on an island I had to be near the water. My goal was to open a bed and breakfast and treat my guests as I always WANTED to be treated when I traveled. By this I mean “do more than provide a bed to travelers”. We take an interest in our guests and try to help them get the most from Bali, by steering them away from tourists traps as well as suggesting paths less traveled. Not just for the days they book with us, but for their entire stay in Bali. Hence, our aim is to share the love we have for Bali and help people discover it for themselves.

So we’ve been there done that and now we have a different goal. 12 years later and leaning hard on 74 we want to shift our focus to more permanent guests and create a senior residence. Where people of retirement age can come and experience the kind of care and hospitality we became known for in our B&B, but for the long term.


Aahh Bali operated in Jimbaran since December 2010, winning Certificates of Excellence from TripAdvisor every year since 2013. We have achieved numerous other awards from TripAdvisor, and Booking.com ranked a Superhost on Airbnb and maintained high review scores on Agoda and others. TripAdvisor has ranked Aahh Bali #1 Bed & Breakfast in Jimbaran out of 166 from 2012 through 2022.  2018 saw Aahh Bali inducted into TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame. 2019 we were awarded another Traveler’s Choice Award. HotelsCombined awarded us their Recognition of Excellence and voted us one of  Indonesia’s best properties for hospitality and customer service. GoHotels gave us an Outstanding Service Award for  2017.

Committed to expanding our brand of hospitality to our new location in Seraya, but stepping up our game to an ocean view senior residence, our own restaurant, spa, tennis court, infinity pool, and more.


Sharing our knowledge and experiences and helping each guest get the most from Bali. Offering advice on things to do and see has been key to the type of customer service we strive for. Getting our guests the best possible deals on things like transportation, activities, and anything else we can help with. We don’t add commissions for anything we help arrange. We only use and recommend people we know are going to treat our guests with warmth and respect. People who won’t take advantage of our guests.

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