Imagine retiring somewhere where it is always summer! Imagine an island paradise known for its warm, welcoming, and friendly people

Wake up to this

1. At 55 you can qualify for a retirement visa and immigrate to Bali 

2. Bali is known for its warm welcoming people where seniors are treated with kindness and respect.

3. If you like summer it doesn’t get any better than this. At 8° below the equator.

4. The sun rises a little before 6 and sets a little before 7 pm.

5. Not too hot, never cold. The average temperature in East Bali is 78-82° and feels even cooler with the sea breezes we have here more often than not.

6. Bali has a world-renown International Airport ranked 3rd in the world in 2015. It is 2 hours from our location.

7. This makes for easy travel anywhere. Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and India are all in our backyard.

8. Violent crime is almost nonexistent here and I only say almost because if there is any, it is usually perpetrated by a foreigner.

9. Property crime is non-existent here in East Bali where people leave their keys in their vehicles.

10. Locals are always first on the scene to help with any problem. Whether it’s an accident or a random stranger.

11. Police here are more helpful and friendly rather than punitive. In Amlapura the closest decent-sized town at the police station there is a sign that reads ” No day is complete without making a new friend”. Can you imagine police with that attitude?

12. Your retirement visa is called an ITAS. Once you have that you can open a bank account and get an ATM card. The ATM and online banking here are second to none. It still amazes me all the things you can do from an ATM. Indonesia gave up checks ages ago. You can pay for things at some stores or any individual in a second on an ATM direct transfer. If you are transferring to someone who uses your same bank it’s free. To a different bank, it’s less than fifty cents.

13. Smartphones (Android) are very inexpensive here as is the service. I spend less than $30 a month on all the data and calls I can make. Using an app called WhatsApp you can call anywhere in the world for free, voice and video.

14. As a resident of Aahh Bali Senior Residence you don’t have to worry about food costs, internet, utilities, maintenance, or most of those daily expenses because it is all included.

15. This is just scratching the surface of the benefits of retiring to Bali with us. Your most looming question may be what about Health Care? See our section on the Pros and Cons of Health Care in Bali. Here is a link.

16. The most important asset that we provide is a personal assistant 6 days a week to help you with all the above and much much more. The only way to migrate to a foreign country is to have a local friend to guide you through all the things you don’t know.

17. Send us a WhatsApp message at +6287861807312 and we can arrange a call or email us at bob@aahhbali.com, so I can answer all your questions.

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