Lombok Strait view

Aahh Bali Bistro & Boutique Hotel View

Why Should You Care About Bali?

Imagine a vacation property that you own 24/7/365 that will let you travel anywhere AND give you rental income without lifting a finger. Imagine this kind of flexibility:

  1.  Use whenever you like with no occupancy fees
  2. When you aren’t there it will be available for rent at a 70/30 split on over 400 websites, generating you rental income.
  3. Leverage this property to travel all over the world, with no hassle for you. Just pick your destination and trade for an amazing variety of properties. 

TripAdvisor selected Bali as the number one travel destination in 2020 and 2017. It beat out London, Paris, and Rome. Why Bali is a very good question. It is by far the least expensive island destination in the world, surpassing Hawaii, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Thailand. Check out TripAdvisor’s video. Aside from being inexpensive, Bali has a reputation for its hospitality and always has. It was number 4 in 2018,  number 5 in 2019, but always ranking in the top 10. Consider we are talking about the entire world of possible vacation destinations. Just to be in the top 10 is quite incredible.

Why Should You Care About Bali Ranking?

It is a new day in travel opportunities. You no longer need to choose between resorts, hotels or B&B’s. You can opt for luxury private homes. Now there is house swapping on the internet and the biggest player is HomeExchange.com formerly guesttoguest.com.

Let’s be frank. House swapping doesn’t appeal to everyone. Many of us wouldn’t want strangers in our private homes, full of all our treasured belongings. Add to that the logistics of how to deal with the people who stay. Getting them in, getting them out, checking for damage. The list goes on. But what if you had a vacation property where all that was taken care of for you?

When you own an ocean view property in Bali we can help you leverage that into vacations all over the world and you have no backend responsibility like you would swapping your personal home. We take care of your trading partners, build a great trading reputation for you, and being a high demand destination you can travel as much or as little as you want. We manage the calendar for you per your direction for FREE.

How Does That Work?

Joining and listing a property on HomeExchange.com is free. We will help you with that as we are your trading host. The system works on trading points that you earn every time someone uses your property. With the high demand for Bali, a 4.5-star boutique property with ocean views, infinity pool, spa, amazing restaurant, and a tennis court, you build points much faster than you could almost anywhere else. When you want to stay somewhere you select where you want to go and see what is available. HomeExchange has over 400,000 listings worldwide. Over 90,000 of these are active listings ready to go.  HomeExchange charges you $15 per night or $150 a year. Buy in as an individual, family, or group of friends. So if you travel for 2 weeks or multiple times a year the annual is best. When you aren’t swapping it or using it yourself, we rent it out for you at a 70/30 split.

Why Should You Care About Bali For Vacations?

If you like summer Bali is the place. Bali is a topographical island.  From sandy or rocky beaches to Mt. Agung at 3000 meters and everything in between. If you like a rainy summer as in the UK or Seattle, the mountains around Bedugul are for you. Would you like the perfect Dutch summer? Lovina/Singaraja is where you want to be. Do you need it sunny? Jimbaran or Seraya is perfect for you. Of course, Bali does have a rainy “season”, but you don’t have to stay home. Visit the sunnier areas of the island. Although it may rain every day, usually it almost never rains “all day”. In the sunnier areas, it rains more at night.  See our investment page.

Paradise living is an understatement when talking about Bali.

Why should you care about Bali? Imagine living among the world’s most hospitable people where it is always summer, whether part-time, full time or just for vacations. Where the cost of living is unbelievably affordable. Simple and easy immigration laws. Bali has a lure that is unparalleled.

Why Aahh Bali?


Established in 2010, Aahh Bali has operated at a level of excellence that has garnered awards all over the internet.

  • TripAdvisor awarded Certificates of Excellence every year since 2013
  • TripAdvisor awarded Travelers Choice Awards for 2020, 2019, 2015, 2014 and 2013
  • HotelsCombined awarded the 2018 Recognition of Excellence award
  • Airbnb lists us as a SUPER HOST
  • Booking.com 8.9 Guest Review Awards 2014-2018 currently at 9.0
  • Google Five Star rating
  • We also get high marks from Agoda, Expedia and many more.
  • We have a proven history of excellence in the hospitality industry.


Our latest investment opportunity is located on a clifftop with a commanding view of the Lombok Strait. Experience cooling ocean breezes with the sound of the waves crashing against the cliffs in the background.

Have a look at the location on Google Maps.

Aahh Bali Bistro & Boutique Hotel includes the following features:

  • 4.5 Star Property
  • Onsite Restaurant with a 5-Star Chef
  • Iconic Red Infinity Pool
  • Tennis / Pickleball Court
  • On-site Day Spa (Pamper)

Pamper Day Spa will provide:

  • Traditional Massages
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Hair Care
  • Waxing
  • Body Scrubs
  • Cream Baths