Q: Why invest in Bali?

A: Aside from its affordability, amazingly hospitable people and a fabulous climate. It is the most popular island destination in the world.

Q: What if I don’t want to go to Bali every year? Why would I want a place there?

A: Let this property take you anywhere in the world.   You have full discretion on when and how you use it.
Let’s be frank. House swapping doesn’t appeal to everyone. Many of us wouldn’t want strangers in our private homes, full of all our treasured belongings. Add to that the logistics of how to deal with the people who stay. Getting them in, getting them out, checking for damage. The list goes on. But what if you had a vacation property where all that was taken care of for you? FOR FREE!

Use house swapping sites for little to no fees to trade with anyone in the world. We will facilitate everything on our end with no fees, just like it was you staying here. All you pay is €10 a night to Homeexchange.com or €130 a year for all the trips you can take. Compare that to RCI or Interval International annual fees plus a transaction fee. Homeexchange.com (formerly Guest to Guest) is the largest swapping site with over 400,000 listings, 90,000+ ready to go right now. Check out this review from 2017 and know it has gotten bigger and better.

Aahh Bali Bistro and Boutique Hotel

Q: Is this like a timeshare?

A: Absolutely not! Aahh Bali Bistro and Boutique Hotel is an entirely different concept.  You own the unit 100% of the time. Timeshares usually limit you to 1 or 2 weeks a year. We have no limits on how often or how long you stay.

Q: What about things to do?

A: Please watch our videos. There are so many options from cultural to nature and activities like hiking, biking, rafting, diving, snorkeling, exploring and more. See some suggestions here.

Q: What about local cuisine?

A: We are 15 minutes from Amlapura, a small local town (not touristy at all) that is the seat of the regency of Karangasem, awarded the title of the cleanest small town in Indonesia. There are lots of local restaurants with authentic Balinese food choices. 35 minutes away is Candidasa, which is a smaller seaside town but more tourist-oriented with a good sized expat community. Plenty of restaurants here, but not as much of variety as one might hope. At Aahh Bali Bistro we will offer a nice variety of food choices from local to Mexican, Italian, Continental, BBQ, seafood, vegan, pizza and more on a revolving menu with new creations on a regular basis, with an ocean view with every bite. Have a look.  At Aahh Bali Bistro the food you’re served WILL look like the pictures.

Q: What if I want out?

A: It is possible to sell your interest in Aahh Bali Bistro and Boutique Hotel.   Property prices are likely to rise with current trends, so you have the opportunity to sell for a profit in the future.  An astute investor will monitor the property market and choose the optimum time to sell. Buying in before we finish gives you a huge opportunity. Once the property is finished price and demand will increase. Finished properties historically bring higher prices and more demand than pre-construction or pre-completion properties. If you had invested in a timeshare it is guaranteed you will never get back your investment. You will have to sell at a major loss and you are on the hook for the annual fees until you find a buyer and transfer ownership.

Q: What if I can’t afford this on my own?

A: You can buy the condotels or bungalows with a

group of friends or family. It can be even or proportional. Your group has

365 days a year access, so how and when you share it is up to your group.

We have built in a special feature to eliminate usage issues. Say 2 or 3

couples want to use your unit at the same time. We will time swap with you using

our rooms. The hotel has 4 rooms that we will provide at no extra charge to provide you with

extra rooms and when your unit has an outside reservation we will treat

that like it is one of ours for the same number of nights you used our rooms.

If that is unclear contact us and we will call you and have a chat.