Aahh Bali Bungalows

Bali Bungalows One Bedrooms

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Aahh Bali Bungalows #1 is our two story one bedroom. All models are somewhat customizable. Have this unit built with interior stairs to the second floor to offer the living room and kitchen downstairs, master bedroom and bathroom upstairs. Add a 1/2 or 3/4 bath downstairs as an option. The picture shows the possibility of separated living spaces. All units will have unobstructable ocean views and porches to enjoy the views and almost constant breezes averaging 4 to7 meters per second. Floor plans from 40m² at 90,000€ which include landscaping, custom-made furniture, finished kitchen and bathroom, ready to move in or rent. Compare this to standard EU prices per square meter.

Aahh Bali Bungalows #2 is single story base with a possible loft starting at 40m². All units have flexible floor plans to suit your particular needs or style. This model has multiple roof lines to add a sense of style and flare. Primary roofing material will be metal for durability and to enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof. For a quick snapshot of the weather and wind speed check here.

Aahh Bali Bungalow #3 Very popular Lumbung style traditional Balinese rice barn can be built with or without a loft. Build an upper side balcony as an option. Lots of option here and on all these units.

Bali Bungalows Two Bedrooms

bali bungalows4
bali bungalows5
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Aahh Bali Bungalow #4 A little larger unit starting at 48m² available in several different floor plans, boasting a large front porch and lots of windows facing the sea for light, views, and breezes.

Aahh Bali Bungalow #5 is our largest unit at 96m² and can be a 2 or even 3 bedroom with a great front porch, lots of light and abundant views. Per square meter discounts are available on larger units. to let you take it all in.

Aahh Bali Bungalows #6 The ultimate light and view model with so many windows facing the sea. A front porch and a balcony to take it all in.